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Commercial Masonry in Chicago Needs Regular Maintenance

Your office buildings or warehouses are part of your company’s assets, so it makes sense to keep them in premium condition. Although many people associate masonry repair and restoration with extensive building works or historic building restoration, in many cases we work on contemporary industrial masonry that needs maintenance to keep it looking its best while minimizing the risk of more serious deterioration. Unfortunately, any issues associated with your masonry aren’t going to go away spontaneously, so if it’s been a while since your building was professionally inspected, it’s probably wise to give us a call.

Versatile Masonry Contractors

From precast restoration to tuckpointing and terra cotta repairs, our flexible and comprehensive list of services give us the ability to undertake a wide variety of jobs. If you’ve got a challenging masonry issue, need sustained work undertaken on a larger building, or just want the assurance that the precious fabric of your building is in dependable hands, we can get the job done successfully.

Multi-Unit Residential Masonry Available Now

Apartment blocks require regular care to stay in pristine shape. When you’re a landlord who’s anxious to protect your asset, or a property management company that needs reliable masonry contractors, we’re a locally based firm that’s always pleased to help. Remember that timely masonry maintenance not only protects your building from damage, but it also gives it an appealing well-cared for look, which is attractive to tenants and visitors.

We Look after Chicago’s Historic Masonry

If you’ve ever wandered through the city and been amazed by the beauty of some of our oldest and finest buildings, it could well be the case that our firm is behind their good looks. Whether you’ve seen evidence of our parapet restoration or have been awed by just how well maintained some of our 18th Century properties are, it’s historic building restoration that helps keep our city looking as good as it does. For further information or to request a quote, call us now at (800) 737-8672.