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See Our Masonry Repair & Restoration in Downers Grove

As locally-based masonry contractors, we’re frequently asked to undertake nearby commercial masonry and multi-unit residential masonry. You may have seen examples of our work during your daily commute or on a neighboring property. If so, then you’ll be aware of the premium results we achieve on everything from parapet restoration to historic masonry. If you own a building and haven’t had any masonry work done to it recently, it could be time to get it inspected for signs of deterioration.

Regular Checks are Essential for Historic Building Restoration

The older a building is, the more likely it is that the materials used in its construction have begun to degenerate. Although newer constructions still require precast restoration or tuckpointing, it’s in older properties where the risk of stonework in poor condition is highest. As many period dwellings are also visually appealing, skillful historic masonry is vital to protect and restore the façade without having a negative impact on looks. We use a range of specialist techniques that give great visual results, as well as a sound structural solution to any weaknesses.

Industrial Masonry Matters

Even if a building isn’t architecturally significant or bedecked with stunning scrollwork and other ornamentation, it still deserves the attention of professional, experienced masonry contractors in order to keep it in premium condition. We work on a wide variety of constructions, using the same successful blend of professionalism, sound workmanship and excellent customer service to get the job done.

Terra Cotta Repairs in Downers Grove

Regardless of the type of brickwork you’ve got, we have the right tools and skills to restore it to an exceptionally high standard. We approach each project in a planned, methodical manner, paying attention to every detail to ensure that the finished work is properly completed. No matter how complex or challenging the job may be, we have the skills and experience needed to successfully complete it. To find out more about us, or obtain a quote, please call now at (630) 834-3400.