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Gaylord Museum and Restaurant Restoration

Gaylord Museum and Restaurant Restoration

In addition to maintenance many projects involve complete rework and alterations to accommodate a new business or type of building. The “Gaylord Museum and Restaurant” was originally built in the 1800’s. Located at 200 W. 8th St. in Lockport, IL, it was an active building along the Illinois canal for many years. Because of changes in technology and logistics the building use became very limited. After being closed down it was purchased and totally remodeled with the historical look kept intact.

All the windows were re-sized. Interior walls were built with hand picked quarry stone. With close communication with the owners, architects and the Illinois historical society we installed all the necessary masonry and re-pointing. A very tedious job that took over two years to complete. Chimneys were built to match old photos taken years ago. Lots of skill plus some patience made the job happen.

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