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Maintain Your Brick Building with Masonry Restoration Services

Maintain Your Brick Building with Masonry Restoration Services

The primary benefit of owning a brick and mortar structure is the minimal amount of maintenance they need. While most of these types of structures are built to last, small attention to detail can help them last for hundreds of years. That’s why masonry restoration services are so important to the longevity of your building.

Masonry restoration services can include an assessment of your building. A mason will identify the issues a brick and mortar structure may be having as it ages. Chicago’s climate can wreak havoc on your masonry. Exposure to moisture, cold climate, salt, and general oxidation can cause small structural problems that become costly to fix over time.

Poor restoration services can complicate repairs even further due to shoddy workmanship or inferior materials and may affect the integrity of the structure itself. An expert, on the other hand, can then put together a strategy that will prevent future costly problems from emerging.

If left unchecked, you may experience the following problems with your masonry:

  • Small cracks in your brick and mortar structure can become big cracks.
  • Exterior discoloration of your building may occur. Discoloration can indicate internal problems with moisture or the sealant used on your building.
  • Sealant problems can also cause aging brick to spall over time. Spalling is due to moisture expanding and contracting within the brick itself.
  • Crumbling mortar is also a telltale sign that your building is undergoing stress caused by many factors

If you have seen any of these problems we highly recommended that you contact a professional before the problems begin to threaten the overall integrity of your building. The masons at Soumar Masonry Restoration have been providing professional masonry repair and restoration services to Chicago and the Midwest states for over 70 years. You can trust us to provide you with an expert assessment of your building and provide you with the right solution for your unique needs.

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