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Springtime Is Here, Keep Out The Wind and The Rain with Tuckpointing

Springtime Is Here, Keep Out The Wind and The Rain with Tuckpointing

As a brick and mortar structure begins to age, the integrity of the building materials begin to deteriorate. Cracks in the mortar of your building can cause serious problems if gone unnoticed. Water seepage associated with the changing springtime Chicago season can aslo work against your building to further the damage. Tuckpointing restoration services can fix these problems and ensure the long life your building deserves.

Springtime in Chicago and the Midwest brings warmer temperatures, windy gusts, and rainy days. This combination of elements along with the changing season can create a perfect storm of detriment to your building. Over time, these elements can begin to break down the integrity of your building, causing your place of business or residence to become less structurally sound. Tuckpointing is one way to protect your building against the elements. The expert masons at Soumar Masonry Restoration have been providing property owners in Chicago with tuckpointing services for 70 years.

Our expert masons will remove your old, crumbling mortar and replace it with new. We will repair cracking mortar, stair-stepper cracks, and improve the structural strength of your brick and mortar building. Proper tuckpointing can also help seal the masonry joints in your building to help protect it against future structural issues.

Our masons have both the skill and knowledge needed to properly restore and tuckpoint your building. Call us at 800-RESTORATION. We’ll keep your building looking its best and work to preserve it for the future.

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