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Tuckpointing Services and When They Are Necessary

Tuckpointing Services and When They Are Necessary

When masonry begins to weaken due to age or damage, repairs become necessary to avoid crumbling and structural problems. Damaged and worn mortar joints can also lead to water damage. Tuckpointing services can help fill in more mortar before the damage occurs or worsens. It is a critical part of maintaining brick structures and can help building owners save money in the long-term by preventing extensive structural damage. Learn more about how to recognize the signs of damaged joints and when masonry repair services are necessary.

Spotting the Problem

Commercial tuckpointing being conducted by Soumar Masonry in Chicago, IL

Cracks, holes, and crumbling pieces or dust are all signs of damage or age. Letting this damage go, regardless of severity, can lead to water leaking inside the mortar joints. Water can lead to extensive damage throughout the entire structure.

Another sign of deterioration is dust, which is harder to notice. Slight crumbling and dust can go unnoticed for a long time. An easy way to test the integrity of the mortar is by dragging a key across the old mortar joint. If the result is a scratch and powdery dust falling from the joint, then it may be time to request tuckpointing services.

Tuckpointing Repair

Tuckpointing uses mortar to fill in the areas that have been damaged or deteriorated by harsh weather conditions. By carefully removing the damaged mortar and leaving the brick intact, a specialist can then tuck in the new mortar.

The entire process requires careful, experienced hands. A specialist can limit the potential for further damage and perform the necessary repairs. The service will extend the life of the brick structure for several years, possibly decades.

Make sure to use this service the moment any signs of damage or deterioration appear. Water can get into the mortar quickly, damaging the entire structure. The cost of repairing the structure would far outweigh that of tuckpointing.

Request an estimate from the local specialists at Soumar Masonry Restoration, Inc. right away to see if tuckpointing service is necessary. For more than 75 years, we’ve helped repair and restore commercial, residential, industrial, and institutional buildings throughout the Chicago metropolitan area.

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